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There are a lot of people who were dissatisfied with the fourth (and fifth) seasons of The Tribe - myself included. Most of the cast disappeared or were killed off, plot lines were abandoned, and the wonderful cliffhanger at the end of season three was completely wasted - so I decided to have a go at my own season four. Some of you, I suspect mainly the ones who weren't watching from the beginning, will disagree with my viewpoint, but that can't be helped! I only wish that I could have resurrected Dal. Incidentally, I may have regressed some of the characters, age-wise. Chloe especially has grown so much since S1, but since Brady is still so little, that much time can't have passed. So assume that roughly a year has gone by since they all came together in the Mall.

And so - the end of season three. Patsy is missing, 'disappeared' by the Chosen. Ryan is also missing; and Salene, finally realising that she loves him after all, has set out on horseback to find him and bring him home. Ebony has taken over the city with the help of her all-girl heavy mob, the Mozzies, and has exiled Amber and Bray following the escape of the Guardian. As the Guardian himself predicts the coming of great terror - and whilst Bray struggles desperately to help Amber as she goes into labour far too early - an aeroplane sweeps across the city. It's the first aeroplane anybody has seen since the adults died, and as they stare up at it in shock, countless parachutes begin to rain down... ... ...

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